Case Studies


A food wholesaler exhibiting at a trade show for cafeteria food buyers gave out their food as samples. To commemorate their 40th year in business, all qualified customers were given a 2 sided nail file in a sleeve. Side one had contact information and 40 year logo. Side 2, pictures of their original factory and how it looks now. Full color nail file tells a story of their business. Well received parting gift increased sales throughout the year and promoted the wholesaler’s brand.


Carpet cleaners, locksmiths, exterminators, disaster clean-up specialists, plumbers, home remodeling contractors all use our products and repeat order.

Interior decorators and photographers all use their photos and designs for personalized advertising. Wedding planners, limousine services, florists, bakeries, etc. give our products away at bridal shows.


Car dealerships have used our products as a thank you for test drives and for salesperson’s business cards. Their service departments use the nail files as a gift for women bringing their cars in for maintenance.

The dealership body shop may use our business card nail files and give them to every insurance company in the area they service. When an accident victim calls the insurance company to report a claim, the insurance agents have the body shop name at their finger tips. Customers almost always ask their insurance agents which body repair shop they would recommend.

One service department leaves a nail file under the passenger side visor to be discovered later as a reminder for the customer about the repair shop. They imprint the file with an offer of a free safety inspection and a free coffee.

Another dealership puts a nail file of a new car of the same model type they own. The file shows the car and offers the customer a free test drive. We can make small quantity runs. One side would be dealership business card, the other side – new model car. As long as one side is all the same design. We can make as little as 24 files of each car design for the second side. minimum run 250 of assorted design files.

Look how many pictures can be put on a nail file. We can show many colors and models on a file.

The small lot car dealer can be an easier sell then the big dealer. Example; Buy here pay here. The small dealer owner or manager is there on the lot. They are the decisions maker. They can give you a yes or no. Our products can be customized in small quantities.


Customized nail file becomes a reminder to call again. It can be offer a free safety inspection and free coffee.


Marketing managers use our product as a lay flat mailing piece for event planners promoting the hotels name and developing new business. Sales staff use our nail files as a full color give away item at bridal shows. The nail files show images of the hotel and are branded with the hotel name and contact information. Grand openings and renovations require the large advertising space provided by the nail files. For guest appreciation the quality of the nail file cannot be surpassed. Many hotels place the files in the amenity basket of their high end rooms.

The spa is a separate profit center for hotels. The hotels will leave a card in each of the guest rooms stating “take a tour of our spa and receive a free gift”. A nail file display will be at the cash register in the spa. Half of the files will be sold and half will be given away, and as a result, the spa benefits by receiving free advertising.


Placed top quality full color nail files in all the high roller rooms. Hotel guests had a superior product in their amenity baskets. The nail file was also a souvenir of their hotel experience. Guests showed their friends resulting in satisfied customers and free advertising.

Hotel wishes to increase the amount of wedding bookings using their banquet hall: Hotel marketing attends bridal show handing out nail files customized with pictures of their banquet hall, hotel rooms, lobby, and available dates. Wedding bookings increased.


Banks utilize our nail files for a business card that people will not lose. Banks picture retirement, homes and automobiles to help people envision what the bank can do for them.

Special incentives for loans, savings programs, checking accounts, etc. Banks have used our nail files to educate customers and internal staff to change their passwords often. Fabric brush nail files help to keep professional people looking their best.


The large imprint area allows for a total visual of the attraction or destination. The lay flat mailing piece is used to promote events, tourism and trade shows. Nail files have been sold as fund-raisers. They are also used as a thank you gift for donations. The high impression rate assures attention.


A perfect promotional handout to promote medical awareness and advertise special events. Cosmetic surgery is elective. The sales department for the surgeons uses our mirror nail file as a business card for the medical practice.

The maternity department utilizes our 3.5” nail file in gift bags for new mothers who must keep their nails short to prevent scratching their infants. Perfect gift bag items for newborns.

Because of the importance of diabetic patients to practice daily foot care, our nail files were designed with a business card on one side and daily foot care instructions on the other.

Because of the full color quality photos, hospitals are able to announce new equipment, new services, and facilities. Chiropractors and imaging facilities use our stock x-ray and image designs. Retirement homes and hospices promotional give aways. Excellent gift for volunteers and staff.


Utilize for student career days. Many full color images can be placed on a nail file for promoting students starting their career at this college. Split your order to show different programs in your college. Also good for showing various aspects of college life.


Inexpensive give-aways to promote subsidized programs such as WIC, public assistance, and medical assistance. Also to promote awareness of safety programs and hotlines. Files can be discreetly sleeved for privacy. Example: domestic abuse shelters, suicide hotlines, etc.


A nail file display was used to stop customers showing full-color pictures and their products..


Placed business card on one side and birth stone on second side of two-sided nail file. Customer was asked the month they were born and given a personalized nail file with the store’s name on second side.